Mo & Jon

Jon and Mo Pre-Trip, 2011.

Mo was born and raised on the mean streets of Nairobi, Kenya.  He brings strength, resilience and heart to the Greatest Trek team.  Riding the ill- famed Pony-Mane, the biggest test this fine young stallion will face- besides being crushed by a fast moving vehicle, will be to forgo his nightly internet addiction.

Meanwhile, hailing from the lar de dar quarters of Great Britain, royalty is the last association that this rogue- squirrel jumping hound, would ever be associated with.  Jon brings wit and a heart of acorns to the Greatest Trek team.  It’s believed, that he once told a noble shop assistant, that the second he laid eyes on his beloved bike Rwanda, he just knew that she’d be the one.   Jon leaves behind a ‘1994 Mitsubishi Magna‘, which will be put up for auction to support his unborn babies- should he perish on this lacklustre voyage.