The Idea


Four weeks, 2000 kms, Vietnam, Motorbikes.  Oh, and a couple of underprepared goons who are prepared to risk their limbs for a homemade movie.

Get the popcorn, dis gon be good.

Like most bright ideas, the plan to motorcycle across Vietnam was brought about after one too many ales.

The trip will see two mates, Mo and Jon, fly to Vietnam, purchase motorbikes and cruise the country at their own peril.

The entire trip will be filmed using two HD camcorders and will be turned into a 7 part documentary series.

They will have four weeks to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, learn how to ride a motorbike, ride out of Ho Chi Minh City (alive) and see as much of the country as they can before finishing up in Hanoi.

This project is entirely experimental and will be filmed as a point and shoot experience.  There are no scripts, no shot lists and as cliche as it sounds, these are real lives.

So jump aboard and lend your support – follow this website, tell your friends and most of all, let us know your Greatest Trek on our official Facebook page!

Jon & Mo.